by Robert S.

Took my CCW quals with Prometheus Tactical and I found the experience to be phenomenal. The experience and background of the instructor, paired with the thought given into the presentations were well thought out and executed. The Use of Force review and explanation shows that this topic was not just read verbatim, but that the instructor took the time to research, reach out to industry professionals, and understand the material in relatable terms. And finally, the actual quals itself were done fantastically, in a judgement free way, that allowed each shooter to run the course without unnecessary stress. Excellent job, this is where you need to go for your CCW training.

 by Mark C. on Prometheus Tactical LLC

100% legit combatives training. Just completed a weekend of Introduction To Combatives and it was extremely applicable to every day life and scenerios. Each module builds off the previous module. The instruction was clear and concise. Ivan was patient and made sure that all students had an understanding of the module and it's purpose. If you are going to EDC a firearm or bladed tool, I would highly recommend attending a PT class.

 by Stephen B. on Prometheus Tactical LLC

Ivan's instruction was clear, organized, and purposeful. The introduction to combatives class left me with a foundation to build on. If you are going to carry a knife or a gun, you better have a plan to maintain control of those tools. The plan starts in this class.

 by Bob S on Prometheus Tactical LLC

I've trained in some different systems but i can honestly say i have finally found and been training with THE instructor that i've been searching for over 20 years. If you take training to protect the ones you love seriously I can recommend only one company, Prometheus Tactical.

 by Richard C on Prometheus Tactical LLC

Ivan is the best trainer I have ever dealt with. He takes the time necessary to explain every facet of the lesson, including the important safety protocols. I highly recommend training with Prometheus. You will not be disappointed.

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