by Bob S on Prometheus Tactical LLC

I've trained in some different systems but i can honestly say i have finally found and been training with THE instructor that i've been searching for over 20 years. If you take training to protect the ones you love seriously I can recommend only one company, Prometheus Tactical.

 by Richard C on Prometheus Tactical LLC

Ivan is the best trainer I have ever dealt with. He takes the time necessary to explain every facet of the lesson, including the important safety protocols. I highly recommend training with Prometheus. You will not be disappointed.

 by Chris Rossomando on Prometheus Tactical LLC

I've trained with Ivan for more than a few sessions and let me tell you, he is an awesome instructor. He's extremely knowledgeable and skilled in every facet of tactical training and walks you through every progression, consistently reviewing and implementing detailed technique. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Ivan for some training with Prometheus Tactical, especially in times of uncertainty. You won't be sorry. Thanks again Ivan!

 by David Palmieri on Prometheus Tactical LLC

The level of training is first rate and truly a hands-on experience. Firearm safety, accuracy and an overall comfort level handling a firearm are all possible if you put the time in with Prometheus Tactical. Highly recommend their training.

 by Andrew Cirlincione on Prometheus Tactical LLC

I recently trained with Ivan at his home training location and I could not be happier with the results. I met Ivan at another training event and he was very open to questions and was very focused on what I am looking to get out of my training. I booked a session with Ivan and after roughly 2 hours I felt like a better pistol shooter. What was really great about training with Ivan is his ability to break down techniques and explain why they may be beneficial and then you get to prove out the concepts. From when I shot my first 10 round string of fire to when I shot my last, I could see the proof that what Ivan was telling me and the adjustments Ivan was making in my stance, grip, etc. were making me a more accurate shooter. From beginners to experienced shooters, I believe Ivan can help refine the fundamentals to make an individual more accurate and a faster shooter all while in a fun and extremely safe environment. I plan to continue to train with Ivan and look forward to continuing to build my foundation and growing my skills to the next level.

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